Personal Branding

Graphic Design



Graphic Designer


2 days


Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Sketch


When you're your own client

Designing for yourself is challenging. There are high expectations and even more motivation. I started doodling some ideas and eventually settled on this square design. I also designed my website in the process. This is the previous version of the logo.


Why K. ?

Some Indians use the first letter of their father's name as their initial, they don't carry their family names. I was known as K. Chetan all my life. Until I applied for passport where they said that they cannot accept single letter initials. So I chose to use my father’s name as my last name, and now I am known as Chetan Keshav. The “K.” in the logo is a reminiscent of the past

Process and Inspiration

I spent quite some time on websites like Medium, Dribbble, Behence and Pinterest to understand how designers portray their projects and portfolio. I saw some brilliant portfolios and I made a moodboard from what I saw.

My web design is inspired by the likes of Massimo Vignelli and Swiss & German poster art.

Here is a samples from my personal brand guideline

Web Design

What did I learn?

Sleep over the designs It is good to rely on the sudden rush of creativity and inspiration, but to make a mark, one should sleep over it and force to improve on the designs. The best designs only appear after a few iterations.

Take feedback with a pinch of salt People can have different opinions about design. They become too critical when asked for feedback, they feel compelled to think critically. I got the most valuable comments from experts. So be careful whom you ask for comments, it is easy to doubt yourself and get disappointed.